Saturday, 11 May 2013

Zara Femme Perfume - Review

Perfumes are my obsession. I am always looking for interesting scents and eye-catching packaging (woah did I just rhyme there? Sweet!). Last summer when I was browsing for new shorts in Zara I noticed that they had a shelf with perfumes. ''How unusual'' I though, never knew that the store carries perfumes, their OWN perfumes. So I tried a few and let me tell you something..I was very impressed. I got hooked to one in particular - Zara Femme. Both me an my mom got it in a small roller-ball tube but a week later I ran like freakin' cheetah to get the big bottle for myself. Le bam, check it out: 

The bottle is just so gorgeous (if you are into the whole feminine-romantic-woodsy thing)! Because I want to get this right, I found a really awesome site that describes the notes of this perfume perfectly (better than I would anyway). You can go check it out if you wish : Fragrantica - Zara Femme

They state that Zara Femme is a ''floral fragrance for women. Top note is bergamot; middle notes are orchid and peony; base notes are vanilla, sandalwood and musk.'' To me it smells very romantic..warm summer evening..watching the sunset with your love..sitting in the grass...That sort of thing. 

-The scent is not too strong (people can smell you from across the street and pass out) and not too soft (you literally have to stick your nose on your skin and do some weird inhaling sounds to get a whiff of it). It is just a perfect balance. 
-Woman of all ages can wear this perfume and love it! 

-The longevity is ok..You need to re-apply it later in the day for sure so bring it with you. (I have the roller-ball version of it which is perfect for that). 
-Spray only once or twice, after the third spritz the perfume starts to smell a bit like rubbing alcohol. O_O Don't know why it does that. So you have been warned...2 push push is enough.

Next time you're near Zara, go and give it a sniff (especially if you love the smell of orchids and vanilla). Oh and..this is important...The big bottle was only 15$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say what?


  1. Replies
    1. I know! But it smells sooo good.
      All the perfumes at Zara are around 15$-20& :D

      Did you ever try one?

  2. wanna have! shall we follow let me know xse

  3. I'm sorry Michelle I'm new at this..I'm not sure I understand what you are saying.
    Follow what?

    Sorry for being clueless :-P

  4. Just figured it out XD
    I'm a such a newbee

  5. Just found out about Zara perfumes last week when I visit the store in Salzburg, Austria. I happened to buy several line like Zara Rose, Zara White, Zara Black, Zara Black Amber special edition, Black Peony,92 Champs Elysees, and 11. Corso Vittorio Emanuele Milano. Surprisingly I love them all, I mean the scents. The best part is they are on sale. Happy :)

    1. OOO lucky you!! They do not have all those scents here in Canada. You must be in heaven :-P
      Yeah I always make sure to stop by the perfume section every time I am in Zara. ^_^
      What a pleasant surprise ey?