Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sample Flop - What not to buy Full-Size

Ah samples. What would we do without them? They are the perfect opportunity to discover something new or to serve as a warning to stick with what we've got. If you've been reading my blog for a while now (thank you so so so much by the way you are awesome) you probably know that I am a HUGE Nuxe fan. It is seriously my all-time favorite skincare brand and so far - no other brand has come close to dethroning it. In other words, I buy a lot of their products = I get a lot of samples. 

The one I would like to review today is the Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute - 24HR Soothing and Moisturizing Cream. I have completely use-up this sample which equaled to 4 days of use. I usually applied it with my fingers all over my face in the morning (after washing or toning my visage). Hmm well let us start with the positive shall we? The scent is absolutely amazing. How could I best describe this? Have you ever cut the stem of a flower or squeezed the stem of a dandelion then smelled your fingers? (Ok are creeping us out a little bit)..Well this creams smells EXACTLY  like that. Like flower stem juice. I know I sound weird but seriously, this scent is so natural and fresh and green it is unbelievable. It reminds me of Spring by the lake. I'm tapping into my memories here. :-P 

Moving on to the consistency: well..cream just pretty much sums it up. It is very light and white. It absorbs super fast into your skin and you get this instant feeling of being refreshed. However, the cream itself did not do much overall. It claims to de-thirst and soften your skin but mehhh. I mean I guess it did soften my skin but..I'm pretty sure the toner or the face wash was responsible for that one..and not so much this cream. Nuxe has so many incredible and in some cases life-changing cream (and I am not joking) that in comparison, this one fell flat. :( Wahh-Wooh. So I'm sorry to say that I will not be buying the full-size of this product. But hey it was worth giving it a shot right?

Do you have any favorite Nuxe products that you would like to recommend me? Because I really love hearing from you. ^_^

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

And then my dad asked ''Where are the Cookies?"

I have a confession to make: I am a candle virgin. O_O Say what now? Meaning I haven't been a candle person until recently - like a year ago maybe less. I have always been a bit paranoid about leaving a open flame going in my room. Us Earth signs are not much fans of fire :-P But recently I became very curious about the whole Bath & Body Works scented candles because they are (let's face it) all over the place! So I started with baby steps: got the tiny jars first with some yummy fall scents and I absolutely adored them. And since that first try went so well I decided to move up to TAM TAM TAM - the big girls candles (the ones with 3 wicks). 

I don't know about your preferences, but as a Taurus, I like my surroundings to smell like food. :-P So I was disappointing to see such few yummy candles out for the warmer seasons. They are mainly floral - fruity or fresh scents. And sorry to all of you Market Peach lovers out there but just smells like peaches so...nahh. I am after more complex scents, the ones that take you to a destination or brings up a beautiful memory and fills your heart with warmth and comfort. I know I ask a bit much of my candles. :-P 

That being said, my bf randomly picked this candle up and told me it smelled weird. And it's true! The American Boardwalk Candle smells yummy and fresh at the same time! You first get the smell of caramel popcorn then the after-smell is a soft hint of ocean breeze and cleanliness. It is so hard to describe! It it honestly - heaven. And what I also love about it is that this scent just spreads throughout the entire house! You can smell this thing from a mile away! I hate it when you lite a scented candle and you have to literally be nose-deep in it to smell it. :( C'est quoi le point? If you are looking for something that will not let you down, this is THE one for you. 

And just to prove how amazing this scent actually is, whiles I was burning it in my room, my dad walked into the kitchen and asked is I was baking cookies! Just to fool around I said yes and then he said : "Why didn't you leave me some?" Ha! True story. So overall, this is such a lovely candle! I think the scent is very warm and comforting yet fresh and light and so it can be burned in Spring and Summer. :) 

What are your favorite Bath & Body Works candles for this season? Have any suggestions? Please don't say Market Peach :-P 

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Monday, 14 April 2014

FANTASY PERFUME - Young Girls will Love this!

Well a Happy Monday to you too gorgeous! I wanted to start off the week with something pink. (See I'm already riming - this is gonna be good). I saw this really cute set at Walmart a while back with a body lotion, a shower gel and a mini perfume with the fragrance Fantasy by Britney Spears. Now I'm not the type of person that buys perfumes just because there's a celebrity's name on it but..I have to admit that ALL the Britney Spears perfumes I tired I liked. My favorite one being In Control - Curious. That one my mom also loves :-P 

Fantasy is a very sweet and fruity fragrance. I do find it a bit too harsh and girly for my taste but when going out at night, one spritz is actually rather pleasant. Just a warning: the scent can get overwhelming and a bit nauseating if you go overboard with it. -_- But that is the same with any fragrance really. 

I am quite impressed with the longevity of the scent. It last and lasts for days actually. Better than some high-end perfumes even - so props there. However, it's really not my kind of scent so I will not be buying the full-size bottle after this is finished. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a young girl (15-16) I think this will make them very happy! It is inexpensive, smells good and the packaging is just adorable. But please keep in mind that it should be used lightly. Overall, I do not regret buying this even if this is not one of my favorite perfumes. At least it adds something different to my collection. Oh and again, Britney Spears did not disappoint. :-P 

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

L'OREAL Eyeshadow Quad - Current Favorite

BAM! It's about time I got myself some decent eyeshadow quads don't you agree? Like I've probably mentioned before, I am not much of a makeup person. My day-to-day look involves : BB Cream, mascara, black eyeliner and Chubby Stick. That's about it. And sometimes I skip the cream and the lipstick. Not too long ago I was invited to a L'Oreal Private Sale by my brother's girlfriend (some of you might remember I wrote a post about it - it was awesome) and stocked up on some eyeshadow quads and other makeup items I would not buy at full price - because I simply don't use them. Well hey I finally opened up one of the quads I got :-p Bravo Ana! What is is like 8 months later? Ha - I'm joking of course but it's been hiding in my drawer for a while now. 

When it comes to eyeshadow, I tend to reach for more warm toned colors like browns, golds and caramels. It's a typical earth sign choice what can I say. I like my makeup to be very elegant and natural looking and I believe that it can be achieved with these colors. This L'Oreal Eyeshadow Quad is really good in my opinion. The colors are beautiful and very buildable (not too in your face, you can use a little or a lot - depending on the look you are trying to achieve). They also feel very soft (not chalky) and are easy to apply on your lids - I use my finger to dab it on and also to blend the colors together. Oh and you also have instructions on the back telling you which color goes where - something I loved! And yep - overall, great product, it's definitely been my favorite for the past month or so. It will take me an eternity to finish it (because I don't normally wear eyeshadow - I think it's quite heavy for my face) but I do recommend it! It is very good quality for an inexpensive quad. :) Props to L'Oreal on this one. 
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

H&M Accessories - Rocker Chic

I don't know what's happening with H&M lately, but man did they step it up in the accessories department. I've seen such beautiful bags and rings and necklaces in stores that I had to literally leave my wallet at home as a preventative measure :-P I'm exaggerating of course but hey if you saw what I just did, you would probably be inclined to make the same joke. 

A little while ago, I felt like a need to shop by myself - a form of meditation if you wish. I never shop alone, my bf usually comes with me. Yes ladies, I am one of those rare lucky girl that has a bf that actually enjoys going shopping with her. and learn :-P Anywho, this is what I've learned from my solo venture to the shopping mall...

2. See number one again until it gets engraved into your brain.

I might have went a bit cray and got a bunch of stuff from H&M, including a denim shirt I've been eyeballing for the longest time ever (I posted a picture of it on my Facebook Page so do go check that out I'm sure you will love it as much as I did) and a floral dress oh and a chunky chain necklace AND these grungy rings. Few..what a long list. In my defense, these accessories are absolutely gorgeous! You can mix and match the rings and place them in any pattern you like. And paired with the necklace you would get an awesome rocker chic style that I obsess over. However...I have to warn you that the rings are not very good quality. I've warn them 4-6 times already (without getting them wet) and they are already changing color (yellowing).  :( I am super upset about this because I love them so much but ow well, for 6$ what did I expect? Still, I do not regret getting the :-P As for the necklace, I unfortunately only took the blurry picture down below but I will take more outfit pics soon and I will be wearing it for sure. :) So definitely go check out H&M if you have time ( vacation is coming soon!!) it's so worth it.  
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Monday, 7 April 2014

Paris Mon Amour - Pastels are Here!

I was a bit slow to warm up to pastel colors last summer so imagine my enthusiasm when I discovered that I got a second chance with these lovely hues this time around! Yep - you heard me, pastels are back this Spring and Summer of 2014 and already started to make their way in the stores. I've seen some lovely lace shirts in H&M and a cute maxi dress in Zara that I am stalking like prey :-P Us girls are a very unique bunch aren't we?

This being said, I did rock some pastel blue/green on my nails last summer and decided my nail polish collection had its fill of vampy reds and dark blues. I wanted to get something completely out of my comfort zone - something fresh, girly, romantic and chic. Something that would remind me of Spring, of heat, of Paris ..and of course something pastel! :D And so I ended up with color 350 Pink a Card from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line. 

Well actually, I can't take all the credit..I was looking at some Essie polishes when my boyfriend suggested this one. So..Thank you Bruno!!! :) Virgos are so observant aren't they. I couldn't have found this myself it was hidden on a lower rack and hey..I don't bend that way. :-P So yeah, this polish surprised me because it is quite opaque so if you're really talented you can get a great finish with one go. If you're like me, 3 coats will do. But you have to wait until each coat is COMPLETELY dry before you apply the next one because this polish can be a bit streaky and uneven. If that makes any sense. But it dries out perfectly uniform and just gorgeous. Now I have to first I absolutely HATED the result. To me it looked as if I just applied white-out on my nails. And it can still look a bit off-putting under certain lights...I guess it's because I have olive skin so the contrast of color is really in your face. On the other hand, in natural lighting this polish looks so beautiful! I can't help but smile every time I take a peek at my nails. Overall, I am super content with this product. I am currently testing it out to see how long it will last without chipping. Day 2 and it's still going strong. :)

Will you be rockin' any pastel colors this Spring or Summer? Would you wear it lound and proud on your nails or in your wardrobe? I would really love to know! 
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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Let's Get Naked! - GARNIER BB Cream

First off I would just like to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all you Aries out there (my little brother included - his BD is coming up soon). You guys are just awesome! 

And today I wanted to share with you a freakin amazing discovery I just made. Now I've said this many times before but let's just recap a little bit : I don't wear foundation, I don't like foundation and neither does my skin. The only reason I buy powder or small bottles of foundation is to use it as concealer (I know I'm special). However, I do sometimes long for that evenness and flawless finish that the product provides. In my dream world, I imagined a cream that would be light - fresh and not completely cover up my face but just even out the color a little bit. You might think : Hey..isn't that the definition of a BB cream? Well yes..I thought about the same thing! So I tried a LOT of such creams..And I mean a lot: Maybelline, Revlon, Dior, Chanel, L'Oreal, Vichy, etc. But I was extremely disappointing and more confused with each trial. The products were either too liquid and felt wet and sticky on your face or they were too rich and looked like somebody smashed a vanilla cake on me...Oh and none of them did ANYTHING to my complexion - A.K.A. The coverage was either horrible or nonexistent. So I gave up on the BB Cream trend pretty fast.

Last Friday though, my mom got me a sample of this Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream and at first I was surprised that this one slipped my mind, so I immediately tried it on. The one I had was a medium shade so I looked a bit like an orange :-P But I was intrigued by the fluffy consistency of the product that felt like you're applying a night cream on. Oh and it did not just sit on your face (like a foundation would) but got absorbed into my skin and most importantly evened out your skin tone. O_O Was I dreaming?

Apparently not, I found the product in Target in the shade light/medium - ON SALE (I think that's the Universes's way of communicating with me) and on the top of the box it was written: "Tone Perfector." Hello! Get in my room right now. (That sounded bad :-p) Honestly you guys, I have no words. Pictures cannot do this product justice. I tried to do a swatch of it so you can see the consistency and how seamlessly it blends in with my skin color. I swear you CANNOT see this cream on your face - even if you are super close. Oh and what does it do? Well it makes your skin tone even - your face glows and looks healthy and flawless. What do you want more? Oh the scent? Well what if I told you it smells awesome (very fresh and subtle and organicish) ! Garnier I mean - promote whoever came up with this seriously. Oh and the tube it comes in? Pretty good amount of product for 12$ if you ask me. 
To tell you the truth, I have been wearing this for the past 3 days and I got an average of 6 compliments per day. Yep, you heard me. People are asking me what did I do : my skin looks so good and I look awake and healthy and wow..Keep'em coming that's what I say. :) The only danger I see with this cream is that at the end of the day you might forget to clean your face because you forgot you had something on. I am not joking. Best. Cream. EVER. 
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